When my daughter started at Arts4Life, we had reached a point where she was unable to socialise, attend school, go on outings, and was really at risk of losing out on any of the good parts of her teen years.

She was so anxious that even going for a walk involved serious planning and debriefing afterwards, which sucked all the joy out of things for her. On our first day it took a lot of work to get her to even walk through the door.

In the space of less than a year, not only was M able to attend Arts4Life sessions, but she was beginning to offer her time on a voluntary basis to help others within the project. She can now envision a future for herself, has chosen to return to education, is making and keeping appropriate friends, and is beginning to see that she has value as a person.

I credit Arts4Life with all of these steps forward. They have literally changed our lives.

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