My daughter’s journey with Arts for Life started in June 2021. We were made aware of Arts for Life by a family friend whose child is a member here. Upon hearing about their positive experiences , I contacted Beth at the centre. Beth, was been amazing right from the start and is still our guiding light and mentor, not just for my daughter T, but for myself too.

Arts for Life, supports students with mental health issues, learning difficulties, ASD, ADD, ADHD and various other conditions, through a mindfulness approach using art as therapeutic way of calming students and helping them move forward. My daughter T journey with Arts for Life, has been absolutely fantastic, amazing and rewarding. She has learnt lots of art skills, many which she has never explored before with a calm and supportive environment. She has been encouraged to believe in herself by her group leaders and help build her self confidence and self esteem. T never wants to miss a session! After stressful days at school, Arts for Life sessions have been a way of distancing herself from the day’s events, and just simply enjoy art. This has helped her relax and feel better in herself. T has met many new students in her classes, learning from one another and sharing some their experiences, has helped her know that she is not alone in her struggles. Apart, from art sessions, Arts for Life, provides support to parents and carers. I have benefited by talking to the clinical team and mentor. They have guided me through processes and shown options available. This itself has helped me to move forward and find pathways to support my child.

Seeing how my daughter has grown, progressed and gaining confidence in herself, I couldn’t be more grateful for tremendous efforts the Arts for Life team puts in every child to help them blossom.

Thank you so much!

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