Yasmine Simcock

Community Youth Worker

I joined AFLP not long after it started as a member of the Creative Crew. Now, as a member of the Youth Worker Team, my personal experience enables me to be an empathetic, creative and honest mentor and wellbeing practitioner and to help our young people to achieve their own self-confidence and independence.

Josh Knight

Community Youth Worker

My enormous empathy with our young people comes from my own life experience – you could say: “I’ve got the t-shirt” – and, with this, there is no better qualification for understanding many of the challenges that our young people struggle with.

Sophie Mattes

Community Youth Worker

Thoughtful, determined, soft and funny are all words to describe me.  Being hard of hearing and coping with multiple health issues, my passion in life is supporting others who find life challenging.  I am calm, understanding and feel blessed to be part of the Arts for Life Project family.

Luke Gevell

Community Youth Worker

Three words to describe me are empathetic, free-spirited and adventurer. My passion in life is to be able to support and encourage young people, so my work at Arts for Life Project is my dream job. With a previous history of mental health and challenges I feel in a good place to offer my wisdom, knowledge and most of all my support.

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