John Cadman


I have 25 years HR experience, predominantly in the print industry. As a family man who has not had the need to draw upon AFLP’s services, I have great admiration for the charity’s work. I hope that I can bring an external perspective to the organisation as well as offering HR expertise.

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Dahlia Basrawi-Deeno


I was blown away by the real benefits AFLP brings to young people’s everyday lives. The ethos of ‘putting their arms around the whole family’ really resonates, so often the network around a young person is forgotten. I bring over 15 years’ experience in corporate learning and development to assist with all aspects of the training and learning.

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Emma Matthews


I live in Pinner with my husband Russel, and two lovely young people, who have a mix of autism, PDA and ADHD, which keeps life interesting! AFLP has offered our family a wonderfully supportive and safe place to be, a place to socialise and express themselves where they feel accepted, included and encouraged – even when it’s hard for them to join in.

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Jeff Rollason


I am a father of 3 children, the oldest of which was diagnosed ASD. Arts for Life was right away something Lucy really engaged with so I was willingly sucked into helping the charity. I have run AI Factory Ltd for 20 years, so am able to bring in some technical and business experience to benefit the Charity.

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Penny Ericson


I am a mum, career market researcher, and a passionate advocate for any activity that engages young people whether through sports, arts or other community group, in order to boost mental health.
AFLP has provided so much support to my child and others I really want to help it to flourish in the future.

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