Jacqui Strubel

Specialist Teacher

Recognising the importance of play and creativity to enable children and young people to unlock their emotions and regain their confidence is core to my work. I am passionate about supporting young people, especially those whose learning journey is compromised by difficulties accessing the curriculum. Using a multi-sensory approach, I welcome the opportunity to get out paint and glitter!

With over 10 years in specialist teaching as a Volunteer Children’s Counsellor for Place2Be and a SENCO I am honoured to be associated with Arts For Life Project and the ethos they represent.

Lucy Heywood Jones

Project Manager

I found AFLP after many years as an area manager for a children’s drama school. I know, first hand, the importance and power of The Arts and I am a passionate about promoting confidence, self-esteem and development in young people. On a personal note, my brother has learning challenges and I wish our family had had access to this amazing project.

Veronica Dolling

Wellbeing Practitioner

With over 20 years experience of supporting children with their individual and unique challenges, largely in school settings, I feel privileged to now be part of the wonderful AFLP family. I believe providing a safe and accepting environment that allows for freedom of expression helps young people build confidence, develop resilience, and learn to love themselves.

Luke Gevell

Team Leader

Three words to describe me are empathetic, free-spirited and adventurer. My passion in life is to be able to support and encourage young people, so my work at Arts for Life Project is my dream job. With a previous history of mental health and challenges I feel in a good place to offer my wisdom, knowledge and most of all my support.

Amanda Blake

Family Support

I am passionate about enabling young people to be their authentic selves and to supporting their families. Personal experience with ASD has given me a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Patience and kindness are my best attributes along with a love of colour and creativity.

Sam Harvey

Wellbeing Practitioner

With over 12 years working with young people, supported by a PG Diploma in Applied Art Room Practice, I believe that Art as a therapy, especially in the safe, supportive space we have at AFLP, supports wellbeing, develops resilience, alleviates anxiety and helps young people build their self-confidence and independence. AFLP is an ideal place to practice what I preach and nothing makes me happier.

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