Adriana Simcock

Wellbeing Practitioner

I have a warm-hearted, caring and compassionate nature. I truly believe in the power of the arts and the provision of emotional support to facilitate positive outlooks in the lives of children, young adults and their families. I am very excited about being a member of the AFLP family and able to contribute to its remarkable ethos.

Seth Gillman

Outreach Clinician

Offering a safe, accepting, non-judgemental space to the young people I work with, I use my creativity to engage and support them to explore their inner selves and the physical and emotional world they inhabit.

As AFLP’s Outreach Counsellor, I am based at the Southbank International School. For the past 15 years I have worked with a variety of people of all ages in my private practice and in a wide variety of settings and agencies in both voluntarily and paid-for roles. I hold a PG Diploma in Counselling and am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Debbie Sharp UKCP MBACP

Clinical Lead

Empathic, warm and kind, I try to be innovative in my approach; to include a sense of fun and the joy of discovery; adapting my approach to each individual’s needs. I hope to increase young people’s emotional robustness by providing tools which allow then to realise that it is ok to feel and to have emotions that may seem overwhelming and all-engulfing.

A highly qualified Integrative Child Adolescent Psychotherapist and Adult Counsellor, I am keen to ensure that all my CPD is up-to-date. My qualifications include: Level 6 Supervision, level 2 Working On-Line and Remotely, Diploma in Dyslexia, Autism and Mindfulness, Level 3 Autism, Level 2 Adverse Childhood Experiences, Diploma in Cognitive, Behavioural Therapy.

Zoe Miranda


Creative, kind and fun are the words which best describe me. I have a gentle approach to therapy and include sand, play and puppet therapies to create a safe environment which allows our young people to express emotional issues that they find difficult to put into words. AFLP combines Therapy and Fun.

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