Power of Peers

Power of Peers

A two-day experiential learning experience for staff, teachers and professionals to visit, experience, learn and evaluate mental health within a peer-to-peer environment.


Power of Peers provides the knowledge and understanding of adolescent mental health and wellbeing that enables participants to support young people through their teenage years. Delivered as a mix of interactive activities, learning modules and Q&A to enhance the learning experience and cater for all learning styles.

Course outline:

  • Visit adolescent mental health, brain development and processing abilities
  • Learn the six key areas of crisis; facts, risks and signs
  • Develop an experiential understanding of personal wellbeing, the ability to change mind-set, explore clarity and new opportunity
  • Gain a deep understanding of resilience and attachment through experience and new learnings
  • Gain new communication techniques and the power of peer to peer support

Email us at enquiries@artsforlifeproject.org to make an enquiry about hosting an Arts For Life training session.

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