We work in partnership with schools, medical providers, homeless shelters, council support services to provide our workshops, training programmes and support programmes to reach and support the heart of the community. Our range of programmes support Medical and Educational Staff gain additional experience within the field of emotional wellbeing and special educational needs. We have standalone programmes or can offer a bespoke package.

Email to arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs.

Examples of our standalone programmes

Power of Peers

A two-day experiential learning experience for staff, teachers & professionals to visit, experience, learn and evaluate mental health within a peer-to-peer environment. It provides the knowledge and understanding of adolescent mental health and wellbeing that enables participants to support young people through their teenage years. Delivered as a mix of interactive activities, learning modules and Q&A to enhance the learning experience and cater for all learning styles.

Course outline:

  • Visit adolescent mental health, brain development and processing abilities
  • Learn the six key areas of crisis; facts, risks and signs
  • Develop an experiential understanding of personal wellbeing, the ability to change mind-set, explore clarity and new opportunity
  • Gain a deep understanding of resilience and attachment through experience and new learnings
  • Gain new communication techniques and the power of peer to peer support

Art From the Heart

One hour Creative Arts Sessions for students. Participants express themselves and have fun using paints, canvases and more. There are no expectations and they are encouraged to express themselves. They will be encouraged to develop personal space, focus and emotional balance.

All individuals who create work through the Art From the Heart Workshops will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in an exhibition we will organise within the school. You may choose to create work to sell at school fundraising events. An exhibition or art sale acknowledges their achievement and enables participants to realise the self-esteem and achievement which comes from watching others react to something they have made themselves. This can provoke a powerful mind-set change.

The Arts provide the opportunity to interact proactively as opposed to reactively. Interactions become non-confrontational when perceived expectations and boundaries are removed. Arts for Life Project’s open approach is holistic and person-centred; ensuring that each participant has the full focus of interaction without personal agenda. There is no forced conversation. Activities are always achievable, calm and permit hidden skills to develop naturally.

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