About Us

Our Mission

Arts for Life Projects aims to provide a safe, secure, nurturing space where The Creative Arts encourage positive interactions for proactive mental health and development.

Where We Started

Under a Splash Fountain !!!

A Psychotherapist and an Artist came together and decided to support young people using Creativity AS Therapy.
Supporting, nurturing and developing through proactive holistic and person-centred approaches to emotional wellbeing and respite.

How We Do It

Holistically and Person-Centred

Our programmes engage our young people and their families in activities which are always achievable, calm and which encourage hidden skills to develop naturally and wholly. Individual participants are the full focus of interaction without personal agenda or forced conversation.

Who We Do It For

Young People and their Families

Our 6 – 25 year old participants have a love of the arts and an ability to interact in a group setting.  They have complex hidden needs that push them to the margins of both society and their surrounding community support structure. Our projects make an impactful change within their everyday lives.

Where We Are Now

The Centre is Our Home

Each programme we run is created to meet a participant’s need. We develop useable, holistic programmes that suit those most in need.
We have seen the power of a peer mentors’ support for a younger user, a young person’s self-belief grow through security & nurture and a parent’s realisation that help is at hand.

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