Jacqui DennafordJ Dennaford Profile 2015

Psy Dip, DCH, ADCH, Cert C, MNCH (Reg.), CHNC (Reg.)

A psychotherapist and counsellor, passionate about the development of emotional resilience. Supporting individuals through assessing the approach or approaches that suit them best. Working on the developing mind, emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Special interests include the development of healthy balanced resilient young minds. Jacqui is highly experienced in working with learning challenges, with both adults and children.

Jacqui has many years’ experience in therapeutic support, change management and personal development, working with individuals, educational establishments, charities and corporations to promote themselves and engage others to the best of their abilities.

“I am a mix of emotions. Creativity, mixed with logic. A passion for absorbing as much from life as possible. This has taken me to some amazing places around the world and also within myself by way of self-discovery.  I have found me in a place able to share more with the outside world.   I am a devoted mum, wife and animal lover and I spend my days finding ways to support others with their journey in life, helping them overcome some of the hurdles. Creating opportunities for them to learn and develop and offering them time and space for self-discovery.  I am passionate about our internal development and how we tick and through this passion comes creative ways of helping amazingness emerge from all who want it.”



Beth GevellBeth Gevell Profile

Thoroughly lovely, Beth is a creative, colourful, open-hearted mum who spends her time caring for others. When you don’t know where to turn, Beth is one of those people who opens her door and heart and smothers you in hugs until you are able to manage again. A rare special gem, Beth is able to create the energy of safety and security that is needed for self-discovery and mixed with her creative flair and utter exuberance for life, is the perfect choice for the team.


Beth has run her own arts & craft business for over 20 years, running arts and craft events, parties and tutoring.  Having vast experience with working with alzheimer patients and children with learning and communication difficulties, Beth knows how to encourage and help people deal with their most intimate and ordinary dilemmas using the power of ‘The Arts’.  She has witnessed incredible results from many clients by giving her time and untold patience to the job in hand, gaining trust and friendship.


“In two decades of working with children of all ages, including my own three, I have accrued a wealth of knowledge about how to make a child smile, relax and have some fun, through exploring their own creativity. Insightful assessment of the child’s ability is crucial in making them feel at ease in whatever project we undertake.  I enjoy lateral thinking, ‘outside the box’, to stretch their imaginations and enjoy helping them creating something we will both be very proud of.”


Ruth Howe

Ruth has worked in business for the past 30 years, she was in the Metals industry for 14 years & worked her way up from the back office to heading up the London hedging desk for International Commodities trader Glencore.

When her son was 1 Ruth set up her own outsourced finance company delivering a range of financial services to a number of clients on a small scale to start with but as the children have got older this has steadily grown. Services offered include book keeping, management accounts, payroll, VAT, cash management and forecasting. Ruth employs a workforce to deliver these services.

As much as Ruth loves getting involved with the numbers ultimately, she loves the people aspect of her job and enjoys working with her clients to help them to create efficiencies in their businesses, work through issues, provide solutions and ensure the growth.

Ruth runs her business from home with her husband so has always been around for the kids, this has been fortunate as Samuel has Asperger’s Syndrome which has meant facing some challenges.

The family has seen on a personal level the power of the arts and the positive outcome that it can have on an individual’s life and personal self-esteem and is passionate about sharing this with others.

Ruth and her husband are also heavily involved with the Scouting movement, her husband is a Cub leader and she is the treasurer

Ruth has known Jacqui Dennaford and Beth Gevell for over 10 years so when they approached her to head up the finance side she was delighted and now we can happily say that the team is complete!

In her spare time Ruth sings with a Barbershop Chorus and walks dogs.