Create & Chat

Project ‘Create & Chat’ is an arts­ based proactive emotional, social & communication programme aimed at  parents & carers of young people with complex hidden needs. The programme focuses on individuals that have young dependents with complex hidden needs and/or find themselves with potential or present mental health issues that are leading to social isolation, community separation and emotional ill-health

Sessions are run by a psychotherapist & arts practitioner with volunteer support. Sessions focus on emotional wellbeing & development along with individual development focus. Emotional development is interlaced into each session without conscious awareness creating a safe & secure environment for individuals to enjoy, have fun, develop & grow. Individuals find space to be themselves without judgement or expectation, creating an environment of nurture, support & friendship to understand, experience & learn in their own individual way. We have found when individuals are relaxed, feel safe & create, their minds are focused & open allowing them to feel free to discover & grow.

The project will run monthly for 10 months from January 2019 and the funds will be used to support overall costs including staff salaries, material costs, publicity, venue hire.


Friday 25 January      7 – 10pm      Messy Pour – with a Twist

Friday 8 February      7 – 10pm      3-D Art

Friday 15 March        7 – 10pm      ‘Embellishment on Canvas’

Friday 26 April           7 – 10pm      Tree of Life

Friday 17 May            7 – 10pm      To Melt Some ….

Friday 21 June           7 – 10pm      ‘The Eye’

Friday 12 July            7 – 10pm      Banksy Special

Location:          Pinner