We have been busy over the past months working towards sustainability for the project. We have been building relationships with other service and support providers, building our network of volunteers, working with understanding your personal needs and developing projects to support these needs, some are in planning stage, some in […]

Our Supporters Are Amazing

Creative Crew Weekday Sessions max 10 CYP per session. A weekly term-time programme of fun and communication. Young People engage in a variety of activities that encourages proactive mental health and emotional intelligence development through proactive arts: Inc: Art (flat and 3-dimensional), movement, singing, music-making, cookery. Sessions combine arts with underlying […]

Creative Crew New Term

Creation Crew A weekly offering (term-time) proactive Emotional Health & Wellbeing Sessions through proactive arts: art (flat and 3-dimensional), movement, singing, music-making. Sessions combine arts with underlying emotional intelligence development through fun, relaxed activities. This helps balance the internal dialogue that individuals use daily to manage their lives both consciously […]

Creative Crew – Weekly Sessions

SUMMER SESSIONS  Graffitti Workshop An Introduction to Graffitti. Learn how to design, cut, spray and flourish safely and securely…  the project uses a combination of the arts and holistic therapeutic approaches as a catalyst to engage, encourage, develop and interact with young people. The service enables young people with emotional, […]

Summer Sessions