Creative Crew Weekday Sessions max 10 CYP per session. A weekly term-time programme of fun and communication. Young People engage in a variety of activities that encourages proactive mental health and emotional intelligence development through proactive arts: Inc: Art (flat and 3-dimensional), movement, singing, music-making, cookery. Sessions combine arts with underlying […]

Creative Crew New Term

Creation Crew A weekly offering (term-time) proactive Emotional Health & Wellbeing Sessions through proactive arts: art (flat and 3-dimensional), movement, singing, music-making. Sessions combine arts with underlying emotional intelligence development through fun, relaxed activities. This helps balance the internal dialogue that individuals use daily to manage their lives both consciously […]

Creative Crew – Weekly Sessions

SUMMER SESSIONS  Graffitti Workshop An Introduction to Graffitti. Learn how to design, cut, spray and flourish safely and securely…  the project uses a combination of the arts and holistic therapeutic approaches as a catalyst to engage, encourage, develop and interact with young people. The service enables young people with emotional, […]

Summer Sessions