Our Supporters Are Amazing

We have been busy over the past months working towards sustainability for the project. We have been building relationships with other service and support providers, building our network of volunteers, working with understanding your personal needs and developing projects to support these needs, some are in planning stage, some in development and some in grant application stage, we will continually update you with our service portfolio as it grows. Our current services can be found on the website and we always place our upcoming events on facebook as well for ease of booking. Remember you are always welcome to contact with Beth or Jacqui and they will be happy to support you.

Here are a few of our current successes enabling us to continue providing you with AFLP services.


We were so delighted earlier this year to be awarded and supported by The Big Lottery Fund which will enable the project to purchase much needed external space along with equipment for the young people to use in session.



We were also so delighted to receive funds from Comic Relief London Community Fund to support some of our core costs which is all the back office costs to ensure we provide you with the smoothest and best possible service.




We recently received news that we were eligible to award bronze level Jack Petchey Awards to 3 of our over 11 year olds this year for their internal development and growth. These awards are amazing for our young people and they will become members of an amazing wider community of young peer support.


Because our amazing supporters at TSB have done such a fantastic job of fundraising for us this year and that we have so many amazing young people under 11 years old, we have decided to create an AFLP Award for under 11’s and will be creating a support network of the same magnitude as our amazing colleagues at Jack Petchey. This year we will be awarding 2 AFLP Awards for young people for their internal development and growth throughout the year.