‘Art With No Roof’ – Supporting the Homeless of Slough

October 2017 saw Arts For Life Project partner with Trinity SHOC a homeless charity based in Slough to offer an Arts wellbeing programme to their users to provide respite, earned self-esteem, freedom of expression and enhanced self-worth through the ‘Power of the Arts’.  Three workshops were set-up at SHOC Day Centre for clients to spend time with the therapeutic wellbeing staff from Arts For LIfe Project and experience creating a work of art to be proud of.  Thirty clients took up the opportunity to focus on self, away from the demands of life and find within themselves a part that had long been hidden – masked over by other experiences and challenges.

Clients walked away with a renewed understanding of their personal abilities, spent time communicating with other clients and discussing their personal journey’s whilst enjoying painting in a relaxed environment.

All the art created from the sessions was included in a public art exhibition attended by local business’, the artists themselves and Russell Brand. All art was sold with the proceeds going to the clients themselves, in the form of vouchers, and Trinity SHOC.