The Arts for Life Project wholeheartedly believe


‘All Young People Deserve An Equal Chance’



What We Do

We open our doors to those with hidden need….

We open our hearts to nurture and support….

We open our minds to inspire, develop and motivate….


How We Do It

We run a range of weekly projects both in-house and at support and educational venues, offering opportunities for social interaction, experience respite from daily pressure and to access support, understanding and advise to move forward.



  • Provide specialized combined arts and mental health based services to the community
  • Ensure affordable access to proactive mental health support for the wider community
  • Encourage proactive mental health development and support through an arts-based approach
  • Develop and create opportunities for open communication for young people, parents and their wider community
  • Create opportunities for partnership with other agencies and support services to develop a whole approach to youth and family mental health